Services – Schwab Orthodontic Treatment

At your first appointment, a thorough and complete orthodontic examination will be performed. This will include an analysis of facial and skeletal type, assessment of facial growth, examination of the bite, alignment of the teeth, health of soft tissues, function of the TMJ and adjacent supporting structures. Cosmetic and functional goals are tailored to the specific needs of each patient. All findings and recommendations will be explained in understandable terms and all of your questions will be answered by the doctor.

Types of Braces

braces-smile-2Many patients are treated with “Clear” braces. These braces are made of porcelain and are virtually invisible.
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Invisible Braces

invisible-braces-close-upInvisible Braces take a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you.
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Teen Braces

invisible-braces-womanFortunately our teenage patients can be treated with “clear choices” that eliminate the embarrassing look of “metal braces”. Most of our patients choose the Inspire Ice Braces because they are virtually invisible and provide an excellent result. Learn More

Adult Braces

smile-invisible-bracesRecent surveys show that adult patients make up over 25% of the average orthodontic practice.
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Corrective Jaw Surgery

smile-newIf your jaws don’t meet correctly and your teeth don’t seem to “fit” with your jaws, you may have a bite problem that makes eating difficult. Your face may appear “off balance,” and you may not be happy with the way you look.
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smile-teensThere is a common misconception that when the braces come off, the orthodontic treatment is finished. This could not be further from the truth!
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Digital Scanning

image005Our orthodontic patients no longer experience the uncomfortable feeling of a mouth filled with impression material. Advanced intra-oral scanning allow us to use a small camera to capture a 3d image of the teeth. The scan can be used for diagnostic evaluation as a virtual 3d model, construction of a retainer or added to a 3d CT of the head. The captured 3d image can also be printed using state of the art 3d printer making a physical model of the teeth.