Types of Braces

Many patients are treated with “Clear” braces. These braces are made of porcelain and are virtually invisible. Clear braces offer enhanced aesthetics and work just as efficiently as metal braces without being noticed.

Recently, clear aligners and Invisalign have become popular due to mass marketing. These appliances are appropriate for some minor tooth movements, but they do not provide the control necessary for more detailed movements. These detailed movements are often needed for a “balanced bite.” Obtaining a beautiful smile, straight teeth, and the ideal bite (working in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles) should be your goal with traditional or clear braces.

Compared to aligners, braces can provide you with the ideal result in a fraction of the time, without the trouble of a lost aligner or constantly having to take the aligner in and out of your mouth to eat and brush.

Standard Braces

Some patients prefer the look of regular braces due to the size and overall excellent appearance.

Clear Braces

We use several clear choices for clear braces all of which virtually disappear on the teeth.

Invisible Braces

We offer Invisalign and other clear aligner options all of which are perfectly clear and easily removed by the patient.